Unloader One X Knee Brace

Good Afternoon :)

I’ve been looking into this knee brace. Just wondered if anyone who has one and recommends it? If you’ve been able to return to physical activity (exercise, running, etc) whilst waiting for a knee replacement?

Wanted to know it’s worth it before trying to push for a referral or pay for it privately. Although expensive, if it helps, I’d happily pay that whilst waiting for it as I couldn’t afford to pay for a knee replacement privately.

Thank you!


  • N1gel
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    Tricky one!

    O**ur are a reputable company and make good kit (don't buy any of the cheaper stuff, you'd just be throwing money away).

    I've been using an NHS supplied and fitted knee brace for 20 over years, which prevents my knee hyperextending and protects from the touch of OA I've got in that joint. It keeps me mobile and I don't wear it all the time.

    My NHS brace is cheaper (if I were to buy it) and a different design but I swear by the concept of knee braces in general. Some say it leads to muscle weakness, but I haven't found that as it just protects the knee joint.

    I note there are quite a few second hand ones on e*ay which doesn't look good? They could be expensive mistakes!

    Have you tried an elasticated bamboo fabric knee support for everyday use? I've got one for my OA elbow and again I swear by it (keeps the joint warm and mobile and is supposed to increase blood flow)

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    Hi @in2teaching. I had an unloader brace given to me by my surgeon due to arthritis. It is an ossur unloader brace, which are designed and fitted specifically to the individual. As far as I understand there are different unloader braces which unload from different areas of the knee. So it's very important that the right one is provided to you. I find my brace very useful especially during flare up. There are dials on the brace to increase or decrease the amount of support needed. I am able to train, exercise with the brace on. I am only 47 and too young for knee replacement so the brace is a big help. Hope this helps