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Hello all, I’m looking for some Tips of how to ease my legs whilst sitting on a sofa, do I use a small footstool or chair? I’m asking because my leg and foot is swollen . I had Hip replacement 4 days ago. Also Tips on how to sleep with cushions and pillows in bed ? Thanks all


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    Hi @Vance

    Welcome to the online community,great you are posting and asking questions.

    When my legs ankles are swollen i raise my feet on the same level as where i am sitting,i have a chair that has a raised bit on the end so i am in the right position it works for me but everyone is different. you can get shaped orthpaedic cushions that help with positioning in bed.

    Here is a link that may help.

    Please let us know how you get on and do go onto our forums and chat to others a friendly group of fellow sufferers who are willing to give advice and help.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @Vance My leg also swelled up a few days after the op. I found feet on stool and semi-reclined in a chair was best plus getting up and moving around every hour. In bed, pillows on either side as I was told to sleep on my back for a number of weeks after the op. Also during the night I found I needed to get up three times to walk around a little.

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    I was also required to sleep on my back for 6 weeks post THR, I hated it and slept badly but persevered as my hip felt unstable sleeping on my side, even with a pillow between my knees. A few weeks bad sleep was a small price to pay. I found my rump was so tender that I slept on a row of soft pillows from shoulder to knees, then a knee pillow under my ankles to stop getting pressure sores on the back of my heels. I also had terrible restless legs sleeping in this position (which stopped instantly as soon as I could sleep on my side) and found sleeping propped up on pillows helped a bit with that (The rest of the house was depleted of pillows for the duration!). I kept my crutches on the bed beside me to stop me rolling over and for easy access if I needed the loo in the night. It was an utter faff, but I got through it and as I wasn’t doing much (other than the prescribed exercises and getting out for gentle walks on my crutches) I decided it didn’t matter if I had a rough night’s sleep.

    i didn’t get the swollen ankles (that I can remember) but keeping your feet elevated, and keeping as active as you can will help with that.

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    Hi Lilymary! So interested you got restless legs too! It's been awful and so difficult to get to sleep! I did have this before sometimes. My physio said I could now sleep on my side with a pillow, but that feels quite weird after so long on my back, but if it gets rid of RLS I'll certainly persevere.

    Am also taking a magnesium supplement as that's meant to help.