Help with surgery

I've been told my right hip is nearly completely bone on bone and the orthopaedic surgeon has removed me from the waiting list ( his exact words were " I don't won't to give you a shiney new hip and you still will be in back pain " ) , they have now said I've got to have a spinel injection to numb my spine and to see if the pain is in my hip or spine but when I contacted the department it is 13 months just to have the initial consultation .

I'm in a huge amount of pain and am really struggling with life , my mobility is very restricted and I can't find any work ( I only get £95 a week from pip but no other benefits as my partner has a small shop but is struggling has the high St. Is dying ) , the gp has me on 35mg of morphine per hour , 8 co-codamine per day , 2 Naproxen per day , 300 mg of pregapaline per day plus tablets for stomach and digestion but these aren't really doing anything .

Surgery in this country is out of my reach ( like many people ) , I've looked at the Surgery in Lithuania but still going to be around £8,000 , I know it's a long shot or a desperate hope but is there any help out there ? I'm really willing to work to pay it back ( when I can or to my very restricted self now ) .

Thank you everyone .