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Hi everyone,

I’m new to arthritis, and haven’t a diagnosis yet. I suspect RA but the rheumatologist wants to make sure. I’m on anti-inflammatories, amitriptyline and tramadol at night but no DMARD as yet.

I want to know whether anybody in your community has tried the Zoe project. My sister who has MS has just started it and it measures your gut biome, your glycaemic index and suggests a non-inflammatory diet. It’s not cheap and I wonder whether it might be useful, especially to see whether I can control the inflammation, stiffness and pain without DMARDS.

Many thanks



  • Louisa77
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    Hi @redcargirl

    Welcome to the Online Community.

    I hope all goes well with your diagnosis and you get on the right medication for your arthritis very soon.

    I know about the Zoe project but don't know anyone who's using it so hopefully members will posts if they are aware of any info.

    All the best

    Louisa (mod)

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  • Moira
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    It seems excessively expensive to me. I would like to see longitudianl results but can't find any. I would take advice from you rhumatologist. It may work but there are an awful lot of "magic" cures out there.

    Good luck with getting the right medication. Arthritis is complex.

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    Hi take a look at books written about RA there is good information about diet available without resorting to expensive schemes. I was recommended a American guy so expensive and information not rocket science

  • Welsh1
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    Get off the tramadol ASAP seen people struggling to get off it.