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Hello everyone

I have my first appointment with the consultant on Tuesday to discuss knee replacements.

I want to use my time asking the right questions. I'm have a habit of forgetting what to say either with nerves or feeling I shouldn't take up too much time. I have read your posts and my heart goes out to you all. Coming to terms with pain and not being able to do things has been so hard . Please any advice on your experiences of what to expect would be so helpful. Thankyou x


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    Hi @Chris1

    Welcome to the Online Community.

    Do spend sometime writing down some questions or concerns ahead of your appointment as it's normal for you to go blank or forgetting things. It might be worth printing some info out and taking it with you.

    I thought I'd share a little info which I hope helps:-

    Info about the surgery and recovery

    Surgery toolkit to help before and after surgery with movement and exercises

    All the best for your appointment, keep us posted how you get on

    Louisa (mod)

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    Hi @Chris1 in addition to having a bullet list of questions it can help to have a short paragraph outlining your condition as this is often asked for at the start of an appointment. Then it'll be the consultant who will guide proceedings. During this part remember the rule that we have two ears and one mouth and they should be used in that proportion! Listen carefully and take notes. Then if any of your questions haven't been addressed, go through them in priority order. If you are succinct and avoid any unnecessary chat it's surprising how much ground can be covered in just a ten minute appointment.

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    Thankyou . I will do that. You think you know in your head then your emotions take over. Coming away with just tissues not a good plan. xxx

  • Chris1
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    My appointment went well. Thankyou for the advice I felt more in control. Still shocked that it was severe arthritis need both knees

    Replaced pain caused by them both being bone to bone. Scared but ready to face it