Hello & pained

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Hi, my name is Pam I’m 55 & from Yorkshire

a few months ago I was finally diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my cervical spine, ribs & hands. (Plus I broke my wrist twice (6 years ago)

my GP has increased me to the highest pain relief patch I can take (due to other conditions & that I need to take blood thinners.)

my pain is all but gone apart from my fingers & im due at the hospital on Monday (6th) as I feel like I need to chop them off to get any relief”

my blood markers were negative for RA, yet visually no escaping the joint deformation. And both OA & RA run on all the females in my mothers family so I guess I was bound to get it sometime.

im hoping the group will be able to give support along with the hospital & any hits & tips that may have helped you.

thsnks for reading £ have s good weekend. X