Methotrexate Injections

So, last January 23 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and put on Methotrexate tablets..

They weren't brilliant, so advised injections may be better . I wasn't keen, so currently trying a combination of Sulfasalazine and methotrexate tablets...

The side effects of the sulphasalazine are horrible, so considering a switch if the consultant agrees.

How bad are the injections ?

How about when traveling abroad with the medication ? Is that easy ?

Many thanks.


  • Cassienova
    Cassienova Member Posts: 19

    I use the methoject pen and it's alright in my opinion. I think it's better to get someone else to administrator them if you can. The pressure you need for the metoject pen to do its thing kind of masks the needle going in.

    Its always handy I find to give yourself a treat afterwards to motivate and condition yourself to do it

  • Hearnelj
    Hearnelj Member Posts: 5

    I tried sulfasalazine with methotrexate tablets a couple of times but felt so nauseous I came off it and switched to injections. I was super worried about it but once I'd done the first one I was fine. The injections work much better for me with less side effects than the tablets which were making my mouth sore.

    I've travelled with injections in their sealed boxes and no-one has asked about them. The methotrexate has to be delivered from pharmaceutical delivery company and the first delivery came with lots of guidance including a travel card which my rheumatology team signed. Methotrexate doesn't need to be kept cold but does need to travel in the hold with you.