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I have a condition of knee osteoarthritis in both knees. I had a knee arthroscopy 14 weeks ago in my left knee to remove a loose body. Does anyone knw how long the recovery period is? My arthritis has also flared up in my better knee. Whereas I managed this condition before, I feel that everything has changed since the surgery. Any advice plz? 


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    Hello @mandyrai and welcome to the community!

    Here you'll be able to find support and advice from other people living with arthritis. The best way to seek advice is through engaging on the community.

    In the meantime here's some information you may find useful:

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  • Moira
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    Over the years I've had orthroscopies on both knees. Honestly didn't take long to recover. Surgery such as this (usually keyhole) shouldn't affect the joint, if anything it should make movement easier. I had a knee replcement a number of years ago. Now it clanks when I move it from side to side! My other knee has gone too. However waiting lists are horrendous so we need to find coping mechanisims while we wait.

    I just need a new skeleton 5' 3" and in good condition! I'm afraid the guisers at our door on Halloween didn't have any suitable! I'm looking in all the cupboards to see if there's a new one sculking there!

    But I do physio (there are good videos here on Versus Arthritis), use pain killers and creams when necessary (especially at night) and make sure I move around and don't sit still for too long as that seizes everything up. I've also found Tai Chi (I go to a senoirs class) helpful.

    There are some whacky ideas out there but find something that works for you. Do check VA website and Leo's exercise videos - easy and very, very helpful.

    Hope you can get things copable with before too long. Good luck.

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    I too have had problems with my knee's, in April this year I had my second knee replacement (other one was 2019). This time I was prepared to an extent for flare ups in my other joints (no idea first time).6 months later my new Knee is doing well so allows for more pain free movement which was the goal. If I could have every joint in my body replaced I would be a happy lady!! Physio helps to an extent, best thing is as above to keep moving - I try to not sit for longer than 45 to 60 mins even if it means just walking around the lounge. Waiting lists are a nightmare, especially when you are magically dropped from the list and have to start again!! (pandemic has a lot to answer

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    Yes definitely need to keep moving. Would you say 6 months is the norm for knee replacement recovery or more of a longer period. I knw everyone is different. And sorry What did you mean flare up in other joints?