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I've been diagnosed with osteoporosis arthritis in my right hand, May this year. I took it really bad! I cried to be honest. Got myself together and accepted my diagnosis. I have been taking each day as it comes. I'm still trying to understand what flares or triggers my athritis. Cut out fresh tomatoes, peppers and red meat. Trying to eat healthy but I do indulge once in a while. Any advice on what to cut out would be welcomed. Looking at alternative ways to help with the pain as I don't take painkillers. All advice is welcomed, thank you all x


  • Moira
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    Some people have found cutting various foods out of their diet beneficial. To be honest I haven't. I'd also worry about not having a balanced diet. So I stick to a healthy diet to ensure I have food from all the majot groups and also take vitamin D on advice from the GP.

    Sometimes there are no causes of "flare ups" which usually occur with inflamatory types of arthritis. But rain/humidity can affect oestio arthritis and other types too.

    I use pain killers. I find them a great help on bad days and espcially at night. If you don't or can't, try some of the painkilling creams on the market. Did they not give you any advice in the hospital or refer you to OT/Physio? I'm awaiting ops in both hands (have been for over a year now) - no guitar playing, complex embroidery or Renaisance recorder playing for me now! Boo-hoo. I have had to sadly accept it. We can't turn the clock back. I now do other things - learning Welsh and doing book reviews for an on-line mag.

    Ask your GP/specialist to refer you to an OT or physio where you can get targeted exercises which really do help and splints which I have found to be a great help.

    Good luck.

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    Hi @Shabana, have you read this? It’s got some good tips for how to eat well with arthritis: https://versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/managing-symptoms/diet/

    I have found that when I’ve overloaded with sugar, my joints are more painful. I guess it might be different for each person so it’s worth trying different healthy diets.

    Good luck, Rina x

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    Hi @Shabana . I've been always sure that there is some kind of food that triggers my pain. Somebody suggested me that maybe I have a gluten intolerance. I've tried gluten free diet for a year and the pain was much worse. I tried keto diet and I felt great but there was too much fat. After too many trial and error experiments, like no dairy, no caffeine and others I found that sugar, like @Rina said, and high carb food (rice, pasta, bread) trigger my pain. I'm currently trying to follow a low carb diet. X