Arthritis/fibromyalgia & menopause


having had arthritis since I was 10, also fibromyalgia and now 54. Had 3 hip replacements (and lots of other stuff! :)) im now going through the menopause. Im on hrt. My fibro has been a lot worse, don’t feel I’m getting any “days off” if you know what I mean. Im convinced hormones are making it sooo much worse. I thought being on hrt might regulate or help with it, but it hasn’t. Im really struggling. This isn’t like me as I’ve grown up living with chronic pain. I don’t know what it’s like not to tbh. However, I just don’t see any end to this constant situation. This is so not like me to even post, but just wondered if anyone out there is going through this too.


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    Hello @Craftyscot

    You are not alone, I also have constant chronic pain and no 'days off'. Its very hard. I try to be kind to myself always. It helps to have a friend or family member to talk to.

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    Hi @Craftyscot @PJoanne

    Thanks for your posts to the Helpline. When you may have had an underlying arthritis before the Fibromyalgia, if you'd like further information or support about that, do see our Conditions information or come back to us at the Helpline .

    On the subject of menopause and arthritis, we are funding some research on the connection between menopause and Osteoarthritis hand pain, and that is ongoing. We don't have finalised information on this subject yet.

    Conditions | Types of arthritis, causes, treatments (

    Their can be some cross over between the self-management steps that may support your earlier arthritis types and the Fibromyalgia - and that's where the routines for gentle movement and healthy eating can come in.

    But breaking a pain cycle can feel so very hard sometimes - especially if you've not had any let up. If you'd like a chat about things, we are always here (9-6 Mon-Fri 0800 5200 520.)

    Fibromyalgia | Causes, symptoms, treatment | Versus Arthritis

    All the best

    Guy - Helpline team