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I have lupus plus osteoarthritis in many joints. Plus there has long been a question over whether I have RA as well. So I’ve lived with pain for a long time, but the last couple of months there has been an explosion of pain in my left knee. I know I have arthritis there but this is off the scale. I’ve had to resort to using a stick to get around. I saw a physio who said it’s very early stage arthritis, which made me want to cry. He gave me an exercise which he said would make the pain go in three weeks. It didn’t. The pain is now worse. Saw a GP last week who sent me for X-rays and gave me slow-release tramadol. Waiting on the results of the X-ray currently. And struggling with feeling sorry for myself.


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    Hello @Thisisnottherealme

    Welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly group and will try and help out where we can with support and advice from our own experiences.

    I understand you have lived with pain for many years and you have Lupus and OA. I am sure that some of our members will be able to relate to the way you are feeling, but in the meantime I am posting below a link to some information on our website, which I hope will help a bit.

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you are.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Thisisnottherealme, have you tried using a tens machine? I had a bad time with osteoarthritis arthritis in my neck a few years ago and the pain never left me. The most effective treatment for me was supporting it with a cushion, a warm wheat bag and a tens machine. The pain didn’t actually go away, but somehow it numbed it for a while.

    I hope you hear back about your x ray soon, Rina x