Am I Really Old Enough For This???

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So, I have been having progressively worsening pain for a couple of years, but ignored it because I actually had worse health problems to deal with and didn't want to be the whiney one in my Doctor's office. Once my other health crap improved, I realized this pain was actually getting debilitating, so I went to the doctor. Surprise! OA in both hips, especially the right. So I'm on Cymbalta (which my anxiety coincidentally LOVES), weekly physio, and next week I'm going in for a corticosteroid shot on the right. I'm not pleased with all this medical bull crap, but I am glad to have a diagnosis and even a little progress. And a real and valid excuse for saying "no" to the hiking and biking invites all the time, lol.

I'm 54, I have had epilepsy and Factor V Leiden my entire life, have had many PEs and surgeries, and this is the worst. The pain is one thing, but the lack of mobility is horrifying. I hate it. Three years ago I climbed mountains, and now I can't climb the stairs. So I'm glad I found this community.


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    Hi @ChelleFox

    Welcome to the online community,great you have found us and already posting and telling us your journey with arthritis.

    You have been through a lot lately,pain is really debilitating and everyone on the forums knows how you feel and understand where you are coming from as we all have some form of arthritis.

    Here is a link that may help

    Please let us know how you get on and do go onto our forums and chat to others i often helps.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @ChelleFox and welcome,

    I know it seems daunting but there really is hope. Key to managing your condition and improving your quality of life is effective pain management and physio/exercise. Getting the 1st bit sorted makes the 2nd part more bearable.

    There is a good range of exercises with videos on this website but you ought to be able to self-refer for a physio assessment at your health centre or via Connect Health (if you live in England). There is also the GP Exercise Referral Programme (your local sports centre should be able to give you a form for this or your GP can assist). Enrolling on this will get you a 1:1 with a spcialist who will devise a range of exercises to do using weights and other equipment designed to build strength in the muscles and tendons surrounding your weakened hips. This will allow them to cope with the extra load and help prop up the joints.

    This is going to take time, many months but it works. I'm 56 with bone on bone OA in both knees and on the list for a double total knee replacement. 18 months ago I could barely walk downstairs of a morning to make a cuppa. In April I hiked up Pen y Fan in South Wales and 3 weeks ago an 18 miler to the top of Snowdon and back down.

    Good luck and hang in there!