Another hello along with having other conditions

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Hello all,

It’s a task we mustn’t give into …. yet it is a challenge. 😢 Having lived with other long term health difficulties most of my life the need for a walking sticking & coping with pain has proved very difficult.

How do u all keep going or change your aspirations? I like gardening but much of that has had to alter as has walking. But there are means and ways?

your advice will be appreciated and respected. Thanks



  • Ellen
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    I don't know whether this might be of interest to you @Antsflintbone ?

    Best wishes


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  • frogmorton
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    I love my garden too @Antsflintbone (although looking out there now you wouldn't believe me!) and continue to enjoy it.

    I have made modifications though, some raised beds' more perennial plants etc. I also use a kneeling pad with handles to push up on and longer handled tools. Pace yourself too that's really important. I no longer stay outside for 8 hours or util it's so dark I can't see anymore!

    I hope you'll decided to keep posting


  • Fran54
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    yes I too like gardening but also find it more challenging now that my osteoarthritis has got worse. First off I always time myself as to how long I am gardening but also my knee tells me when to stop! I also now have more perennial plants and have just let some of my annual plants to spread and fill in any gaps. I cannot kneel down now but have long handled tools which are a great help. I always used to like a tidy garden but now think that it is okay to let things go a little wild and find that wildlife like the birds prefer it this way as well!

    I also used to like walking and used to go birdwatching frequently but now I have realised that just looking out at my garden at the birds that come into it helps me to feel more positive. I now also use a walking stick but find that it does give me more confidence when out and about. I now try to look at how I can adapt to any difficulties that come along and try to keep positive.

    Hope this helps. Take care.🙂