Waiting list letter


My GP sent a referral to a hip consultant with her diagnosis and xrays.

I've just received a letter from NHS that says:

"You have been referred for an outpatient appointment within Orthopaedic Hip. You have been added to the waiting list".

Is this waiting list to be seen by a specialist or is it to get a surgery?




  • Jan25
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    I think you get an assessment appointment and at our hospital he or she orders x-ray and then discusses next steps including surgery and the dreaded waiting list!

  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @Jan25 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Best wishes


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  • Nurina
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    Update. I've just called them. It's the letter for the first appointment in hospital. I've been referred as 'urgent' and he said it's at least 8 months to see the specialist and then, another waiting list for the surgery, maybe another year, or two.

  • Nurina
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    Thanks @Jan25 They've confimed what you say. 'Urgent' is around 2 years. My friend was waiting 3 years for her replacement.@Jan25

  • swimmer60
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    Your GP can refer you anywhere, including to another county that does not have horrendous waiting lists. Of course you'd need someone to drive you there, not just the ops but follow ups, or could that be done locally?

    A friend got referred to the next county. Two weeks to see a consultant, op booked 4/12/23

  • Nurina
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    Thanks @swimmer60 I live in Wales and hospitals around my city are even worse. I can ask my GP about your suggestion. She was very concerned when she saw my xrays and referred me to a private doctor. Another GP suggested me having a private operation because I can't wait two years in my situation. I don't understand how waiting list works but I don't believe there are 350 people in front of me with worse hips than me. X

  • swimmer60
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    That's dreadful, I'm so sorry.