Calcium Supplements

I’m new to this group. I take calcium with vitamin D because I also have osteoporosis. Recently having listened to Dr Tim Spectre founder of Zoe Health he does not recommend taking calcium. I’m wondering how many people in this community think it helps or maybe hinders OA?


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    Hello @Craven77 and welcome to our friendly and supportive Community - I hope you enjoy your time here. I see that you are interested in Calcium - have a look at the following from our website which I hope will be of use.

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    I take calcium+ vitamin D too. I'm very interested in what Tim Spector says about this. I'm searching it.



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    Let me know if you discover anything. I know people who won’t take extra calcium because they feel too much of it can lead to more problems especially if you already eat dairy food on a regular basis, which I do. It’s all a bit of a dilemma trying to decide what is best for you. Thanks for responding