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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and looking forward to having a group of people who understand and can help with my condition. I've always struggled with my arthritis but now I'm getting older it's beginning to affect my day to day life. I find it hard to accept and also find it difficult with dealing with the pain.

My main affected area is my knees, they are swollen and have a lot of built up pressure. Any remedies or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to getting to know you all more :)


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    Hi @Zootie123

    Welcome to our Online Community, thank you for taking the time to join us, we are a lovely group of people and hope that your experience with us will be helpful.

    I am sorry to hear that you are finding it difficult to cope with the pain from your arthritis and that your knees are swollen.

    Often people do experience swelling in their joints, exercising the joint will help with swelling and stiffness but do get further advice from a healthcare practitioner or a physiotherapist. Other ways of managing the swelling would be to try heat or ice treatment, heat can be in a form of a hot water bottle, wheat pack or having a warm shower. Ice can help with pain and swelling so that can be a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a damp tea-towel.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Moderator)

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    Hi Zootie123, I have end stage arthritis in both knees and have been offered total knee replacements in both but as I am only 58 I have asked to see a physio to see if they can offer any help to manage the pain. While waiting for the appointment I have managed to lose one stone in weight as I read that it reduces a lot of down pressure on your knees and I can honestly say that the pain is a lot more manageable. I get most of my pain in my inner knee compartments and I would say it has reduced by a half. After seeing the physio I am going to set about strengthening the muscles around my joints with an exercise regime.

    I also when out and about use compression sleeves on both my knees and find that they help and give me more confidence though the science isn't proven for them.

    The only other advice I can give is that when things really feel bad I use ibuprofen or naproxen and a bag of frozen peas which I always have in the freezer to take the inflammation down.

    On a more positive note I belong to a walking club and managed to do a 15 to 20 mile walk once a week which hopefully shows that your life isn't over if you have severe arthritis in your knees and that in my experience the pain although bad becomes easier to live with over time.

    My arthritis started through football injuries in my early thirties so I can say that you get a bit used to it!

    I hope you find this useful and best wishes on your journey with arthritis!

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    Maybe I'm not very helpful but losing weight and cutting sugar really helped me with the pain. Doing seated exercises have helped me too. X