Recommendations for acupuncture for Hip OA in London

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Hi all,

I am a 51 year old male with Hip OA only in my right hip. I have read and been advised that acunpuncture might help with pain, stiffness, and mobility. I generally keep quite active and walk daily with a few visits to the gym each week. However I still have this chronic pain in the front side of my right hip which is usually a 3/10 on a pain scale daily. Would anyone have any personal recommendations for Acupuncture specialists who they have used in or around London who has provided some relief benefit for a similar condition? I have googled around and there are acupuncturists everywhere but after many years and expenditure on all kinds of therapists I know that finding one that really is well qualified, has lots of experience with your condition and also really wants to help you as a patient is sometimes quite rare...

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    Hi @Nexus7 Have you tried searching on here for accupuncture? There might be some London based members who know.

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    Hi @Wellie04

    Yes, I did try a search but couldn't really see any specific recommendations for acupuncture therapists in London... I was hoping someone in London would see this and be able to give the contact details of someone they had used or are using successfully...