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I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and severe osteoporosis in 2008. Once diet was controlled I was better and as I was fit working and walking my dog my pain levels were lower.

In 2020 after early retirement due to increasing health issues I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease, secondary to my coeliac disease. October 2020 I began having extreme levels of pain in my lower back, 4 fractures vertebrae, 1 broken and 5 discs crushed. I have curvature in spine and lost 5 inches in height. I am unable to walk any length of time also having breathing issues with pain.

I have recently seen rumatoid consultant who has recommended newer treatment to replace risendrenate pills. Treatment is yearly infusion which does have side effects especially can affect jaw bone.

My question to the community is anyone suffering the same also has anyone had the infusion.

Thank you