My hip.

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I’m full of rymatiod arthritis, both knees replaced, left shoulder replaced, 3 bones removed from my right hand, one leg shorter than the other ect, ect, anyway I fell down the stairs last Christmas, from top to bottom , my left leg in front, and my right leg behind me, infact a had to have a gamma nail put in my right leg in 2010 after having a broken leg, anyway I fell down the stairs, my phone went flying, it took me about half an hour to get of the floor.but I was determined not to ring the doctors and just get on with things which I did, eventually the pains went after a few weeks, and now the last about 6 weeks my hip has been giving me a lot of serious pain, and down my groin on the same side. The pain has been that bad I made a phone call appointment to speak to my doctor.I was told I need a ultrasound scan across my stomach as the pains were also across my stomach,I have the ultrasound scan in 2 weeks ?