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Hi. After waiting almost two years I have a date for my hip replacement. I had a previous hip replacement in 2015 by spinal which was very successful. I was given an earlier date in July this year but due to my heart failure and bronchiecstasis I was taken ill in theatre so it was halted. The theatre staff had stopped most of my heart medication including my diuretics so when I turned over in theatre for my spinal injection my lungs filled with fluid and I couldn’t breathe. They put me on oxygen and I went back to recovery and survived! My cardiologist and respiratory consultant have done further tests and deemed me fit for the operation and I should only stop apixaban . My question is that I am leaning towards having a GA so I don’t have to relive the frightening experience I had in July. I know it may sound crazy but I don’t want to panic when I’m in theatre. Any advice would as to how I can cope would be good. Thanks Cheryl


  • Hi@Chech

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. I am really sorry to hear about your experience of taking ill in the theatre. It sounds positive though that you have been deemed fit for the operation.

     It is understandable that you don’t want to panic when you are in the theatre and when we have a previous bad experience it is understandable that you would feel anxious.

     Most hospitals will invite you to a pre-admission clinic, usually about two to three weeks before the surgery. You should talk to surgical team about your forthcoming surgery and about your concerns and they should discuss the different types of anaesthetic with you and help you decide which is best for you.

     If you’re feeling worried, you could also discuss with them if you may be given a sedative (a pre-med) while you’re waiting in the admission ward. Talking through these concerns may be a way of helping to alleviate your anxiety.

     I have put a link below to our information on hip replacement surgery that I hope is helpful to you.


    Hip Replacement Surgery


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