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Hello. Does anyone suffer with enthesitis? Also osteo-arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis? I seem to have acquired all three of them which is great fun. Lots of pain at times. It was good to find a site like this to hear about how others are coping.


  • I may have enthesitis, all still on going. It certainly feels like it. I have IA rather than OA.

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    I have RA and OA. No enthesitis. From what I'd guess, from years on here, it often seems to come as a freebie with AS and PsA. I hope you find someone who has it to compare notes with.

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    Hi @Tomos

    I have psoriatic arthritis, enthesitis and OA. From what I've read AS and PsA have very similar traits. In fact AS was one of a number of possibilities floated when I was first diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. My right wrist, forearm and elbow as well as my heels and balls of my feet appear most affected by enthesitis. Before being diagnosed with PsA I'd previously been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by my GP and physio and I wonder now if that was actually enthesitis. My rheumatologist said the elbow issue is sometimes mistaken as tennis elbow. I'm on a cocktail of sulfasalazine, methotrexate and a biosimilar of adalimumab and that's keeping things in check.

    I've previously been prescribed capsaicin cream and lidocaine patches which also help - though it's almost impossible to get capsaicin cream at present. I've had a couple of 12 week nhsanywhere rheumatology physiotherapy courses which are 1 to 1 online which have helped and the physio produced a youtube series of videos of the exercises which I dip into. I also attended the free Nuffield Health Joint Pain courses which also helped. If you haven't done so already I'd suggest getting referred to a rheumatology physio if your health board area has them.

    Hope you get stabilised soon.