How is everyone

Hi all. Hope everyone is coping with this wet cold weather at the moment.

wanted to ask your thoughts on heated jackets, gloves etc. has anyone ever used these sorts of things?


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    Hi @Woofy

    I have an electric cape thingy which my husband bought me before I had my neck surgery which is brilliant. The only disadvantage is it only works when it's plugged in but I do recommend it

    I have also used thermal fingerless gloves which I didn't find very good despite having five-star reviews.

    The best thing I have found, and swear by, are hot hands. My little packs of magic. Perfect to go inside gloves and pockets and last about 12 hours. They are available in most shops but I now purchase by the box from an online selling site as they're much cheaper. There are other brands, little hotties being another I've used, but these are by far the best. They also kept me working as a PA while I was waiting for surgery.

    When they've expired I freeze them to use as cold therapy.

    Overall I'm not too bad at the moment, I had my second hip injection in Tuesday and it appears to be working better than the last, so far!