Chronic shoulder and upper arm pain

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I have spinal stenosis with the pain on my right hand side. I've had 2 terrible flares on my left hand side during the last 3 months and have just learnt the pain is from my left hip. It has been so difficult to move when in such pain, I used walking poles or crutches. Getting on and off the sofa I had to use my hands and arms, also getting in and out of my bed and my car. I also have a dog that occasionally pulls on the lead. I've now had painful shoulders and upper arms for 3 months approximately and getting a little fed up. Has anyone else experienced this from overuse. Is it possible I have arthritis in my shoulders and they've flared up due to the extra pressure maybe? I'm really concerned how to manage when I next have a flare as it's so difficult to manoeuvre and so painful. Any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated, thanks.


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    Hi @Sallyanne2022 my wife had similar problems, though hers were a side-effect of statins. Eventually she went and got targeted injections into her shoulders - done at a private hospital but on the NHS who used ultrasound to target the needle. Might be worth exploring.

  • Thank you. I've been wondering whether I need injections. I keep saying I'll give it another week!

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    I have OA with spinal stenosis causing bilateral nerve impingement in the lumbar spine but, after MRI scan and referral to MSK, no NHS treatment is available at present. My mobility is markedly compromised but I enjoy riding an electric bike, am able to drive and use a powerchair for outdoor 'adventures'.

    I also had shoulder issues for which steroid injections had no effect. I had minor surgery on the right shoulder and, some years later, a reversed total replacement on the left. Both procedures have been effective and provided positive results. Neither shoulder is entirely painfree nor has complete normal range of movement or power but it's been possible to make adaptations that allow me to live an active and fulfilling life in my late 70s. I'm a longstanding volunteer with a well known national listening service where I can sit in a suitable chair to anser phones and also do my share of grandchild-care so feel thast I am still 'making a difference', which is very important to me.

    With NHS waiting lists so long I'd be asking GP for referral for x-rays/scans that will reveal the damage to your shoulders and ensure that you are on the lists for whatever treatment is recommended. Even a few days' delay could increase the weeks or months before trying injections or getting any necessary surgery.

    I do hope that you soon make progress and gain enough insight into your condition to find ways of controlling its effects and managing its restrictions.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I woke up early this morning due to the pain in my upper arms. I think I've exhausted all home remedies now so a chat with my GP has to be the next step. It was only a couple of months ago I requested an x ray on my pelvis and now waiting to see an Orthopaedic about my left hip. Arthritis is very good at sharing around the joints!

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    Yes arthritis sure is good at showing up in many joints Sally, isnt it! I have polyarthritis, in knees, hips, spine, right shoulder, hands. How did this happen? I'm a believer in good health! 😱😱

    Like you, I tend to give it 'another day' before seeing a GP...largely because I don't have too much faith in what they can come up with...and I'm a retired nurse! 😁😁