Hip pain post THR with inflam arthritis

Hi there , can I ask the people on this site who have inflammatory arthritis and who have had a THR.

Once your THR,

Did you have a flare shortly after?

Did your hip pain go away or come back with flares or worsening of IA

I'm asking as my hip surgeon said you can still get rheumatology pain in the hip after THR. Not sure why this is so I ask the rheumatologist who said no you not. So very confusion

Thank u for any advice x


  • frogmorton
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    I have no idea @Emmasknackeredjoints , but surely it's a new undamaged joint they are putting in?

    Doesn't make sense it would hurt at least not straight away.

    Let me ask @stickywicket I know yours were knees Sticky, but did you still have the RA pain post op?

    Hope someone can help and wanted to wish you luck with your operation.


  • stickywicket
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    Hello again @frogmorton and @Emmasknackeredjoints ,

    I saw this thread but didn't answer because I really don't know.

    @frogmorton - knees, yes, but hips also. (I'm just greedy😆) I confess I have cultivated the habit of ignoring / forgetting about pain whenever possible. My TKRs came long before my THRs. I don't recall post-op knee pain lasting more than a few weeks though, at the time, my ankles were knackered and they were s*ds.

    With the THRs, I just don't remèmber. Ankles had fused themselves by then so they weren't a problem..

    I don"t recall flares but, havinģ had to come off my DMARDS for some weeks prior to the ops, things weren't even great before I went under the knives. Afterwards, I just did the exercises and got back on the meds asap.

    I'm pleased to say I've had no bad flares for years. My RA is well controlled. Now that one hip and one knee are way past their use by date they are a pain. Or several😆 But that's not an RA pain.

    Are you still doing your hip exercises? When was your op? Have you had a post-op x-ray yet? Maybe your physio could help.

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  • Thank you for your comments.

    I haventhad my op yet its all open ended at the moment till I see the surgeon.

    I'm thinking maybe he meant tendonosis enthesitis etc can still happen post THR . Will have to ask him as that sounded awful.

    I have my IA in both my knees and SIJ but my hip pain is unsure if both ortho and rheumo and as the 2 departments never communicate its like wading through mud thmrying to get answers

    Sticky wicket how many joints have you had replaced?

    I'm on biologics now so 4 weeks off them will be a waiting game for the big mother of all attacks.

    Tha k u again.

    By the way how do I add the names of people in link like you both have.

  • BezO
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    So pleased to hear that many of you have had access to good advice.

    i am still getting pain around tge op site after 15 months, but I was told that their could be ‘tenderness’ in the area for as long as 2 years. It is a bit more than tenderness, though. However I do have extensive arthritis in the lower spine and sacrum.

    my other hip is starting to go, but I still have nothing like as much of a problem as I had with my rt hip where the top of femur had colllapsed. In view of the spine pain I am wondering if the additional surgery for my left hip is worth it.