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How on earth can I get a non-conclusive diagnosis from my GP and consultant. 🤔

After reporting pain in my left hip my GP ordered X-rays but offered a diagnosis of light arthritis to my hip but both knees and right hip clear of problems. Consultant offered the same diagnosis. Within a month I was using a stick with worsening pain in both knees. 😣

Consultant would only offer an injection to the left hip and reporting to spinal unit if this didn't work. 😕

Could an old back injury be causing my pain. ☹️


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    Good morning @dca050949

    Welcome to the online community.

    You have started a process which unfortunately many of our members have to go through before they get an actual definitive diagnosis.

    Sometimes a steroid injection into the hip can really help if the issue is Arthritis in your hip. If not they will and should investigate your back, particularly if you have had a previous injury there.

    Unfortunately getting a diagnosis can seem a frustratingly slow process. I hope the steroid injection is on the cards for the near future.

    I am attaching a link to a search I did for you for threads about steroid injections into the hip:

    For some people they can be incredibly effective.

    Now that you've said hello maybe you'd like to look around the rest of the forum and join in if you feel comfortable. Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular category.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @dca050949

    Nice to meet you.

    Sometimes X-rays do not reflect the pain a person is actually in. People have come here who had virtually no pain but their joints were bone on bone and often the other way around. The Dr saying 'mild degeneration' and the person is in agony.

    Getting an actual proper diagnosis can be very time consuming and need a lot of patience unless you're 'lucky' enough to get a positive blood result or a clear imaging result.

    I hope the hip jab really helps it may well do and if you are in less pain and walking more normally your knees should have less pressure on them too.

    I am glad that the consultant it at least prepared to refer you to spinal unit if the hip jab doesn't help at least.

    Sending ((()))