Do you use Biosimilars?

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Next week, our policy team is going to an event on biosimilars and how to achieve best practice in patient support. It is organised by the pharmaceutical firm Sandoz UK, one of the world’s biggest producers of biosimilars. We want to hear from you about your experiences so we can feed it back on your behalf, specifically…………..

  1. For people living with rheumatoid arthritis, have you taken biosimilar drugs as part of your treatment? Would you mind answering a few questions:-
  2.  What was your experience?
  3.  What information and/or support did you receive from either a healthcare professional and/or a member of the rheumatology team?
  4.  Were there tools or information you would have liked to receive i) before starting on a biosimilar drug and/or ii) whilst receiving a biosimilar drug,  Did you receive any information or support from a charity? 

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    Hi Peter,

    1. I don't know if you are specifically looking for responses from RA sufferers on biosimilars. I was diagnosed with PsA and was put on the adalimumab biosimilar Amgevita in July 2021. This was added to the sulfasalazine and methotrexate I was already taking.
    2. My experience was that the week after my 2nd injection I could feel an improvement. By 2 months I was able to hand back the elbow crutches I'd needed for the previous 10 months. I've never felt my joints as sore whilst on Amgevita in comparison to the 10 months previously. When my rheumatologist asks my pain levels now in comparison to my worst times being a 10 on a scale 1 to10 I normally reply that I'm now a 1-2 - excluding when I've had a couple of flares. So my experience has been positive.
    3. When I was told I was being put on Amgevita the rheumatology nurse demonstrated the pen and how to inject myself. Four weeks later I'd received my first supply of pens and due to covid restrictions Lloyds Pharmacy - the delivery company - provided real time instruction by telephone for me to complete my first injection successfully. If it hadn't been for covid a Lloyds health representative would have come to my home to help me through that first injection.
    4. Before the initial pens were provided I was given telephone instructions regarding the temperature controlled delivery and storage required. I also received a welcome pack with a booklet from Lloyds detailing the service they provide and including contact numbers for emergencies, arranging deliveries and any other questions I had. I also received a booklet on Amgevita which covered documenting date, time, batch number and expiry dates of pens as well as a graphic of injections sites and rotation of injections on those sites. Other than this site I've not sought or received support from a charity.

    Hope that helps.