Student nurse arthritis diagnosis


Hello, I'm a student nurse currently on my second placement of my first year, I have just been diagnosed with arthritis of the lower back lumbar and mild degenerative disc of the lumbar. I had an X- ray due to some back pain. I have told my university and placement about this but it can be managed as it is only mild and can take regular paracetamol and ibuprofen, and I can do the work still. The practice facilitators said if you are ok and it's not affecting your work then that's fine just let us know if it does, and my placement said the same. I have just been told by my university that the facilitators are concerned if I'm fit for practice. And so now I have to have a teams meeting to discuss this further. I find this a little unfair as they did not raise these concerns with me previously. Can they take me off my course? I am so worried as I have worked so hard and am so so soooo passionate about becoming a nurse, I'm so confused can anyone help me please? I really need some advice about this, if I am taken from the course is that not discrimination?


  • Emmasknackeredjoints

    I'm not to sure if it is discrimination, they have a duty to look after you and patients you will be seeing.

    If you will be unable to do your role, lifting etc they may feel you need a review from occy health.

    Is it OA or IA in your spine and how old you are you may get looked into also.

    I work in health care and a bad back at the start of corse would of meant taken off my course but my role is more physical.

    Fingers crossed for u, good luck