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Does anyone else feel that Gp’s and NHS physios just don’t listen?


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    Hi @Kayncol1,

    Thank you and welcome to our online community 😊

    It can be tough when it feel that you're not being listened to. I'm glad though that you've joined this space.

    If you want to explore other specialists and ways they can support you further, you may also find occupational therapy and a pain clinic practitioner helpful. You can ask your GP to refer you. And please do keep in touch with us here and let us know how you get on 😊


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  • My new gp is amazing so I'd advise you to switch as some gps are terrible. In all honesty I feels it rheumatologist who are terrible . I've been let down by them massively.

    Frustrating is it. Good luck

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    My GP is amazing, but she is far from the first doctor I've ever had. I agree with @Emmasknackeredjoints - find someone you trust and have a rapport with! I'm in Canada, but a lot of clinics here post bios - the interests and specialties of the GPs - and that helped me narrow down the search for my current GP.

    Good luck!

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    I'm with a new GP because my old one was horrible and I hated him. My new one is a young doctor who really likes her job and cares about people.