Knee supports

I have large fat knees, can anybody recommend knee supports that might fit. I have bought a couple but they are no good and these things are not cheap to buy. Thanks


  • jonr
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    The best recommendation is really to visit a good independent pharmacy with a consulting room, they usually have a good range and you can use the room to try a few on for fit and comfort, worked for me!

  • Gwoo
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    Could you share the type of knee supports you've tried, please. I'm looking to buy a knee support but also have fat knees plus I've grown a lot of extra bone on my left knee so it's really big. It would be good to know what to avoid.

    I'm sorry there haven't been any other responses, we can't be the only ones with this issue.

  • jonr
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    Sure thing @Gwoo,

    I use several, my go-to one is quite longish and manufactured by a brand called Kedley, it's medium thick and elasticated. If I'm doing something heavy-duty and really need a lot of support like mountain hiking or a big bike ride then I use one with velcro straps and a hole in the middle for the knee, I can't remember the brand. Boots sell common or garden white elasticated ones which I found weren't very supportive and lost their elasticity quickly.

    I've seen some others which look like spares for Transformers robots, heavy-duty, leg-length and hinged. I think these are for people who find it hard to weight-bear.

    As I say, I think you need to try a few out as they're not cheap.