psoriatic arthritis and severe hip pain

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis in July after a couple of years going back and forward to my GP where I thought I had Lupus as I am high risk for it.

Anyway in the past year I have went from an energetic person walking 10,000 steps a day and doing pilates and yoga classes to walking under 3,000 steps a day and no exercise classes. I had to give them up cause of the fatigue.

I work 5 hours a day (in an office in a hospital). I am not static at my desk cause I'm constantely at the printer or filing stuff away but when I get home I need to go lie down for an hour or so.

For the past few weeks my right hip has been very stiff and a little bit sore when walking but very sore when I bend over or lift my foot up to put my shoes on.

I phoned the support line on Monday and they phoned me back today and they think the pain is mechanical and to take stronger painkillers. I am confused because I don't understand what he meant by mechanical pain.

I have tried googling it but still cant find it


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    If I were you, I'd go to my GP to get a x-ray as soon as possible. X

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    Hi @pmcg1

    I was diagnosed with PsA in October 2020 and first came across the term 'mechanical' last year. I'd called my rheumatology clinic about the return of problems with my fingers locking and was told it was mechanical and needed to be dealt with by orthopaedics. My left knee swelling was the initial source of my problems before being diagnosed with PsA and this year a rheumatology physio told me it was now mechanical and I needed to see orthopaedics. I think what's meant is that the inflammation of the joints has caused significant damage to cartilage, tendons and bone. What I find incomprehensible is that rheumatology doesn't do the referral to orthopaedics - they tell you to contact your GP to get them to do so. That resulted in my then GP putting the referral in as a routine referral meaning I've a 58 week wait for initial appointment with orthopaedics.

    PsA can affect your sacroiliac joints and this can cause hip and groin issues. My right SI joint has been affected and I get intermittent issues with hip and groin pain. When my SI joint is affected I get pain in the lower right of my back just below my belt line. My hip then feels like it has been badly overworked. When it affects my groin I feel as if I've been kicked there. My rheumatologist says these are known symptoms when PsA affects the SI joints.

    I hope you get some treatment soon.