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I'm a newbie here, and am joining in because I'm done with feeling so alone with pain from crumbling joints. I've pedalled backwards many times from signing up because I always believe things will turn around and I'll suddenly be fixed.. (I also don't like to be seen to be complaining). But enough is enough !! I've discovered I've already gained from my few minutes here, finding so many of you (sadly) sharing the same daily grind as myself. I'm suddenly no longer alone. I look forward to further help and support from all involved, and hope things I've learned may be of some use. (I've been 18 years in this game). Soldiering on.. Best regards, Julie


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    Hello @Juliepots and welcome!

    Well done for taking the plunge and joining the online community. I’m glad you’ve already discovered that you’re among friends who all live with arthritis and are happy to share their experiences and support others. Have a look round the forum and you’ll find there are lots of interesting discussions going on - so do join in whatever interests you. There are plenty of posts about coping with some of the challenges, and many other discussions about triumphs big and small; interests ranging from knitting to guitar playing to fell walking! I’m sure you’ll find plenty to interest you.

    It’s great that you want to share your experiences too - that’s what the forum is all about, sharing and encouraging one another.

    A popular place to start is the Living with Arthritis forum.

    Best wishes,

    Anna (Moderator)

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    Hi, Julie, and welcome from me too.

    You are not alone!

    Well done on managing to post,

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright