Young and seronegative diagnosis

Hi guys, I am 25 and recently diagnosed with seronegative arthritis, I currently only have swelling in my right knee and limited pain, I am feeling super overwhelmed by it currently, feel as though my life is over and I will be disabled soon. Any advice or support would be much appreciated. I am due to speak to my rheumatologist to clarify things further


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    Hello @Littlemanks and welcome to the online community,

    To be diagnosed with seronegative arthritis at 25 can be overwhelming, and it’s completely understandable that you are feeling this way. All of us on the forum, young and older, know some of what you’re feeling and are here to support you. Although it might be hard to take it in, life is not over for you. It may be a bit different, but still can be as rewarding and fulfilling.

    I’m sure others will come on board to tell you the same, but just to let you know, if you want to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, the freephone helpline is available from 9am-6pm. Here’s some information about them if you want to give them a call:

    There are quite a few young people in the community - perhaps it will help to chat to a few of them online. Here’s the link to the firum:

    Do keep in touch and ask any questions you’ve got.

    Anna ( Moderator)

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Hi @Littlemanks

    I understand you´ve just received bad news and you are overwhelmed. Just to clarify, your life is not over and you are not going to be a disabled person. I was diagnosed with RA at the age of 5. I´ve done everything anybody can do and much more. I hope you are on the best hands for treatment and you have a doctor that listens and understands you. You´d need to talk to the helpline about how you are feeling and take one day at a time. x

  • Thank you for your words @Nurina , it is good to hear you have had it for a long time with minimal issues

  • Hi @Littlemanks

    I was diagnosed at 38 and even that felt young but 25 would be horrible.

    There's no reason to sugar coat it, there will be difficulties but with the right gp, rheumatology and physio team you can get comfortable and work through it.

    Unfortunately I'm still struggling with joint pain and lost my career but I'm able to work from home and keep going. I think any age is hard but having this condition young is a little soul destroying. I often feel like I have no life , certainly not the 1 had before. So your not alone in that thoughts

    Hope ur OK. Keep in touch.

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    This disease is very related to emotions @Littlemanks The more positive the better. I've never seen myself as a ill person. I couldn't do many things but I could do others. Until the age of 18 I had all my joints swollen, including hands and ankles. Bye bye to my dreams of being a ballerina. I had a surgery at the age of 10 to get removed a sinovial node in my wrist because I couldn't move my right hand. My mum tried to overprotect me keeping me safe from 'harmful' activities but I used to ride a skateboard, I joined a karate club, a rock climbing group and I got the license to drive a big motorcycle. Maybe sometimes I wasn't the best, but I wasn't the worst. Don't give up. Life is beautiful.