Thigh and groin not due to hip problems

Hi, following X-rays, my Welsh Hospital has assessed me as category 4, non urgent, for a hip replacement. My query is because I am in a great deal of pain from my groin, knee and thigh and I have a high pain threshold. My worry is that I may have separate injury to my thigh and groin and them not be hip related. I can only lift my leg up approximately 6” off the floor and my groin pain when getting into/out of a car is very severe. My knee often gives way. Has anyone else suffered in a similar manner and then have these problems go away after hip surgery?


  • KC1
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    Hi Terrydan, sorry to hear you are in such pain.

    I have had similar sounding symptoms. I self-referred to my local physiotherapist. The exercises they set for me did help. They will be best placed to ascertain if your symptoms are related to other medical issues.

    I wish you well