Naproxen affecting potassium levels?


I’ve been taking naproxen for a while to help reduce inflammation dipped to OA in my hip with radiated pain in my knee. Recent blood tests suggest my potassium levels are now higher than they should be. I’ve had additional tests and am seeing my GP soon to discuss.

I’ve stopped taking this drug and am trying to manage on just paracetamol- it’s not working too well!

I wondered whether anyone else has had a similar experience with naproxen? If so did you change your medication and/or diet?



  • stickywicket
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    I believe NSAIDS can do this. They didn't with me, maybe because they wrecked my stomach first😆 I'd say just be guided by your doc. Tthere are other pain meds available. Good luck.

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  • Welsh1
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    I only took Naproxen for a short while but had side effects and when I stopped them the pain took a while to settle down. I was concerned about impact on stomach too gp gave me lansoprazole

  • KC1
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    Thanks for your comments. And there was me thinking skydiving could be the next big thing! But it seems to have fallen a bit flat 😂

  • Redlady07
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    There is no note of Naproxen increasing potassium. My partner (kidney patient) has to watch potassium levels. So check your diet. Avoid bananas, potatoes, chocolate, and too much processed meats - sausage rolls, ham, salami.

    And red wine. (I know#1 all the good stuff!)

    Potassium is not listed on food label but look for things like sorbates, nitrates. Basically more crap they add, more potassium.

    You can eat root veg but the key thing is boil it to buggery first - gets the potassium out

  • KC1
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    Hi Redlady07

    thanks for your advice- especially the food label stuff. Will back off on the bananas for sure - we tend to have them every day. Am seeing my GP this week so hope to find out more.

    take care