Hi, polyarthritis and winter stiffness

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Hi All,

Thanks for the recent tips on managing winter stiffness. It helps to know its a real 'thing'!

I follow all suggested tips: exercise, heat therapy, wrapping up well but remain constantly stiff and sore these days.

Is there really nothing else we can do but grin and bear it??

I'm a 71-year old retired nurse, based in south east Scotland. 

Im busy in life, run a charity supporting the hospital where I grew up in rural Zambia: https://friendsofchitambo.org.uk/

I'm also primary carer for a severely disabled and chronically ill husband, who is a high level leg amputee. We have a bit of care coming in daily.

So guess I have quite a lot on my plate, but stuff that matters to me and distracts me from my iwn arthritic pain.

I have polyarthritis and had a right knee replacement in April 2023.

I recovered pretty well from the surgery, although the knee remains pretty stiff despite doing all the rehab.

I'm on a list for the other knee but am wondering how much help it will be, given the widespread nature of my arthritis, in knees, hips. spine, shoulder, and hands.

 I'm a believer in good health and hate being like this. I exercise regularly....aquarobics, swimming, yoga, walking. I also believe in the power of positive thinking and meditate regularly.

I also take a range of dietary supplements...turmeric, boswelia, glucosamine/chondroitin...but am currently taking maximum doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol daily. I know I'm not supposed to take ibuprofen longterm but its the only thing that helps.

Even so, I'm getting increasingly anxious as I notice big declines in my physical ability, especially in the yoga class, relative to my peers, and in my walking pace. Also climbing steps. I can't do so without holding on. I feel my body is is giving up.

Excuse this long tirade but glad of any more support and advice on how best to manage the stiffness and pain of polyarthritis.