Hip replacement surgery imminent

Hi everyone,

Have just been assessed for total hip replacement my x-rays show bone on bone in left hip but right hip not quite so bad BUT 90% of my constant terrible pain is in my RIGHT HIP (there is a throbbing sharp pain -heartbeat- together with other pain which radiates down to my knee) so I fully expected the surgeon to say the right hip needed urgent replacement first. However as the left hip is bone on bone he says he must do that first. Due to excessive waiting times I had no alternative but to try to come up with the private fee BUT my nagging feeling is "why is nothing being done about my right hip which surely will be much much worse if I am leaning on it post surgery." I have posted on Health Unlocked and several replies are that my problem is because my left hip is 'out of balance due to excessive wear this is causing my right hip to be so painful and once my left hip is replaced then my right hip should start to immediately feel easier'- does anyone share this opinion and experience please as I am now hyper-stressed worrying about the forthcoming op on 5th December and is this a massive expense & experience that I am going to so regret or should I try to respect the surgeon's decision and experience??



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    Hello @DC8136 and welcome to the online community.

    We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Sorry to hear you have concerns about your hip the following links maybe helpful......

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure others will connect with you soon.

    With best wishes


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    I went to the doctor because I have a terrible pain in the left hip. Right hip is very stiff but not painful. Currently, I can't walk. After the xrays they've found out both hips are end stage of OA and they have to be replaced at the same time because the 'good' one is as bad as the other. I've read a lot about this here. You can be bone-on-bone without pain or have perfect bones and unbearable pain. Like you, I'm getting the surgery in a private hospital because I have 2 years of waiting list ahead of me. X

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    It is awful that those of us who have contributed to the NHS all our working lives, should now, when we need it, have to resort to private medicine, or face intolerablely long waiting lists..

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    @swimmer60 I know and it's unfair for people that can't afford the private medicine and they have to live in pain for years. I've always criticise people using money to pay for privileges and now, here I am, being a privileged myself.