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I was wondering what house hold tips you may have, I need to get a vacuum cleaner, which is not heavy but does a good job.




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    Morning @Junie Welcome😊

    Many of us use those lighter weight Vacs which are battery charged. But it really is best to go to a shop which sells a few types and try them for yourself.

    I have a dyson one which can do my whole house (on normal not max power), but you do have to hold the trigger all the time. Sometimes this can be quite achy which is probably the idea. If you could switch it on and leave it the battery would run out sooner maybe?

    Another person who was a regular poster swore by her shark I haven't ever tried one so can't judge.

    Some people resort to employing a cleaner for a few hours to do this sort of heavier work and one I know uses her PIP payment to cover the cost.

    I hope you find one to suit you.

    Toni x

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    I have a Shark and it's very useful. It bends in the middle and I can vacuum under the sofa. I've bought a duster with a extendable stick so I don't have to climb up on a chair or step to clean the web cobs. I can't do heavy cleaning but I'm subscribed to The Organised Mum patreon who has guided podcasts for daily cleaning so my home is more or less organised. X

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    Thanks so much for your replies

    will have a look at them