Moving house and therefore hospital? Advice please.

Hello! It is likely we will be moving house to accommodate our older age. RA/Osteoarthritis and macular degeneration mean we need to make some sensible adjustments to our lives.

Looking for hospitals in the area we are looking at can anyone advise as to one with a good Rheumatology dept. I know all hospitals cover RA but some have more strengths than others. For the past 40 years I have been very well looked after by the Oxford hospitals but if I move out of area will I have to move hospitals- provided I can still physically attend my present ones?? If not does anyone have experience in the Worcestershire/Herefirdshire areas???

Thank you


  • You can stay at your Oxford hospital untill you need to move closer to home as your condition progress.

    It's your gp which you will need to change

    Good luck its awful knowing your team may have to change.