Enteropathic Arthritis & UC

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Have tried Infliximab, Upadacitinib & next Sulfasalazine. Concerned about side effects of Sulfasalazine… any advice?


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    Hello @Mckerz and welcome to our friendly and supportive Community.

    I have put the link in below from our website on sulfasalazine which has some useful information. You might like to have a look around the website for other info as well, it contains info on arthritis, treatments, hints and tips.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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  • Mckerz
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    Thank you @noddingtonpete - I would really love to hear from the community about their experience of Sulfasalazine and insomnia (as a side effect) if any? Does it go away?

    I am 41, active (ex dancer) and my diagnosis has really shocked me. Right now, in the morning my movement is ok, maybe a bit tender but come 5/6pm I am struggling to walk or use my arms. The pain and swelling moves from joint to joint & my fingers look like purple sausages. So lovely.

    Updacitanib worked so well with my pain for about a month but I couldn’t continue with the acne that it caused. I do understand how vain that sounds & was embarrassed to admit this to my Rheumatologist. In a nutshell, lumpy, spotty & painful skin will affect my job so had to come off it.

    I’ve been told that Sulfasalazine “Probably won’t work for you” Why I was told that is beyond me.

    is Enteropathic Arthritis not as widespread? I haven’t seen much about it here.

    Thank you x