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Hello everyone, I used to be on here many years ago (I was OuchPotato) but with one thing or another I stopped posting, and then when I tried to get back on, my new laptop (obviously) didn't have my password saved and the 'confirm your email address' thingy wasn't working either. But I finally made it!

When I posted before I think my only diagnosis was OA - oh how much has changed in the intervening years, I have been collecting conditions like rare stamps! All (or most, anyway) are linked to OA, and include: cervical kyphosis (my neck has lost its curve and is dead straight), cervicogenic headaches, migraines, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), cervical stenosis, facet joint arthritis, lumbar stenosis, several discs gone due to degenerative disc disease, hip OA, hand OA, tricompartmental knee OA, chondrocalcinosis of the knee (pseudogout), tendonitis in elbows and feet, and fibromyalgia! I also have Raynauds which is kicking in again now that the weather has turned colder. Rheumatology discharged me as said there is no sign of autoimmune, but physio said I shouldn't have been discharged as bloods showed inflammation. It's all about standard for us, I think, being passed from pillar to post.

Anyway, my mobility has really taken a nose dive and I never go anywhere unless on crutches, and I finally caved and bought a wheelchair. I rarely use it as I am a bit of a hermit these days, although I have to say when I did use it for shopping my daughter and I had fun with it, as she would follow behind with the trolley and I would pick something up off the shelf and throw it behind me...she had to catch it in said trolley (packets, though, always packets, haha). But it's there for family days out and longer shopping trips. I have a real sticking point when it comes to my son, though; he is a real believer in positive thinking, to the point where it can become toxic, and using the chair in front of him causes me so much anxiety as he believes too much in mind over matter. Now, while I believe in positive thinking and making the best of any situation, it's not going to change the fact that my spine is shot or my knees have erosion is all three areas. He also doesn't believe fibromyalgia is a 'real thing'.

Anyway, it's good to be back :)


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    Hey, hello😀 Welcome back. I suspect we've all collected more annoying things in the meantime but that's age. (You have a good, long list, though!) Do use the wheelchair if it helps. I use a rollator even in the house now. Better safe (and mobile) than sorry. I have to use it right now for some boring kitchen stuff but good to see you again.

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  • Hey Sticky! We're like a house of cards, I feel; one card moves and the rest come tumbling down! In my case it was my lumbar spine first and all the rest followed 😂I've been reading through posts and the humour and support have made me smile so much. Hope you're doing ok x

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    Hi @upthecreak

    I'm sorry you're in so much pain and I'm sorry your son doesn't seem to be very understanding of your needs. I think we all know somebody like that but when it's your own flesh and blood, it's hard.

    Positive thinking is all well and good but sometimes this stinking rotten disease just hits you so hard it's difficult to think positively any more. I have life easy compared with you with osteo in my hands feet and hips.

    Have you thought about taking your son along with you to your next appointment with your consultant so he can ask questions, hear what the consultant is saying and maybe understand that way? Or maybe getting him to read this forum? Is it also possible that your son refuses to admit you're growing old? We all think of our parents as being constantly around us and when we know that they're not indestructible and immortal, it's hard.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx