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Hello everyone.

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis although signs started some 3 years ago. This is not what I had planned for myself heading into retirement but it is what it is.I'm convinced my arthritis is down to medications I have to take as arthritic pains only started then (coincidence? ) Maybe, but I'm not convinced. Anyway, I'm remaining positive and trying to manage pain as best as I can. I count my blessings every day. I nearly lost my life 4 years ago but I had a wonderful medical team looking after me and I'm here to tell the tale. Yes I may have pain but I'm still here and I can enjoy all the good things life still has for me albeit with some tweaks.....pain slows me down🤕

Looking forward to being part of this group


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    Hello @sandymac and welcome to the online community.

    We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Sorry to hear you have concerns about osteoarthritis the following links maybe helpful......

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure others will connect with you soon.

    With best wishes


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    What a positive post. With your attitude, I'm sure you'll cope and, as you say, make the most out of life. None of us would choose arthritis, but how you deal with it makes a huge difference. I have had osteoarthritis in my knees for many years, but have kept fit and active. The pain comes and goes, but keeping moving even when it hurts is well worth it in the long run. Good luck and enjoy your retirement when it comes.

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    Hi Sandy from a Scot living in Wales.

    I've had arthritis for many years - sadly I was banned from Scottish Country Dancing by a Scots surgeon in London (my friends and I had just set up the Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Society!), "Nae mair jiggin fir you ma lass!"

    The secret is gentle exercise little and often. I do various exercises at home that a physio showed me in hospital, and the wonderful Leon and his mum on the VA videos. I also do Tai Chi at a local class, which is helpful and "Elderly Keep Fit" which is gentle and fun.

    Now in my retirement I am learning Welsh. The piano, guitar and advanced embroidery have been replaced and I have a new circle of friends too. So keep possitive. Yes arthritis is painful and there can be very bad days, but there are worse things. At least "A'm nae deed yet!"