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Hi,Im 70 retired and i've had OA fer over 36 years ..in several joints ,hands ,fingers,both knees,ankles, top of neck..my hands I struggle with most now as the fingers are stiff,swollen n get very hot and uncomfortable, some of the finger joints have fused an impossible to bend,...Ankles have recently become difficult in walking,along with the knees...I still do a small walk tho I struggle ,but I need ter keep moving...I can't use sticks as ive very little grip in my hands now...I'm told by my Dr's that I manage my pain relief well, moving from to another as I believe they only work fer a while ..so I'm on Codydramol n Naproxen for the OA...I also take Omeprazole with the Naproxen...I just wish like many of you on here I guess fer more relief....any tips guys?