Joint replacements

Hi all,

Currently awaiting Hip replacement surgery. I've also been told that I'm going to need both knees replacement, multiple surgeries on my feet and a left wrist fused, that's not even the half of it. I'm 27, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis/psoriasic arthritis (dont ask my why Ive been diagnosed with both, all I know is that I'm a rare case and they put me down with both diagnoses).

I'm terribly scared of my future. I've gone downhill incredibly fast and just wondered if theres anyone who is going through a similar situation as me who would like to chat ? I have found this illness incredibly lonely and isolating and would love to connect.


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    Hello @L0tt13 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    First of all you are no longer alone and among people, some of whom, will have experienced something similar to what you are going through and I hope they will connect with you soon. Second thing to mention is that our website has a lot of useful information on arthritic conditions, treatments and so on. Head on over and take a look

    Lastly if you need more information try calling our Helpline - number below.

    Please keep posting now you are here

    Best wishes


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    Hi @L0tt13

    Have you seen this?

    Just a thought ignore it if it's not you.

    Toni (too old to be of use myself!)

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    Hey, I’m Jemma. Not quite so young as you (39) but I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and currently waiting for date for knee replacement surgery (right) and arthroscopy surgery (left)

    I also have osteoarthritis in my thoracic and cervical spine, both shoulders, left wrist, right elbow and some fingers, right hip and left ankle.

    like you I struggle with daily life and worry greatly about my future. I’ve also gone downhill dramatically in the last year and although there’s good days and bad days it’s hard to remain positive when the bad days are more frequent than the good ones.

    I’m Always here if you need a chat and I’d love to hear about your surgery journey and how things go for you.

    You’re not alone in this ❤️

    Jem x