Just been diagnosed with RA and possibly Sjogrens

I have just been diagnosed with RA and possibly Sjogrens as my mouth is always nearly completely dry and I have cracks at the side of my mouth although the rheumatologist said the two conditions overlap.I was given an injection of methotrexate at the first appointment last Wednesday and I have been put on tablets of 10mg every week plus folic acid once a week.I have just taken my first dose.The rheumatologist knows I am taking omeprazole for acid reflux but on the medication leaflet it mentions omeprazole as a medication that can cause side effects with methotrexate.I will be having regular blood tests every2 weeks for next six weeks.On the plus side the injection amazingly made a marked difference to the pain and and stiffness in my hands the next day!


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    Good morning @betty26 welcome to the online community.

    I am very impressed with your Rheumatologist. This is the first time anyone has ever said they were given a Methotrexate (MTX) injection. I am so glad it helped you so quickly and hope that your regular dose will do the same.

    You will be monitored regularly for any issues as you said via blood testing.

    Regarding the omeprazole and methotrexate issue. This does come up from time to time here - this search of posts on the subject might interest you:

    If you are concerned of course do take some medical advice, your GP, pharmacist or Rheumatology helpline can all reassure you.

    Best wishes


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    Thank you for welcoming me into the online community.I'm hoping I will get more advice from fellow sufferers of RA and Sjogrens if that's what I have rather than scrolling through the internet and getting thoroughly confused!I took my first dose of methotrexate last night as suggested so I could sleep off some of the side effects.So far I have a slight headache and feel a bit queasy.Do the side effects get any better as your body gets used to the medication?

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    Hi Betty 26

    ive had Sjogrens probably at least 8-10 yrs. I’m not on any meds, but take regular eye drops. I also use Biotene Mouthwash and toothpaste as helps with the dryness in my mouth. I’ve also got OA only in my hands as well as carpal tunnel. If there is anything you would like to ask about Sjogrens, go ahead and I’ll see if I can help. It’s just something we all have to manage in our lives.

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    Hi I am fairly new have dry skin mouth Raynauds seconary on Methotrexate 4th week side effects some mild headaches feeling of Nausea early days people respond differently not everyone gets on with oral dose. I take Ppis too as its low dose Methotrexate rheumatology say its OK Blood monitoring regularly. Have not taken them recently as difficult to leave the 4 hour gap as on twice daily hydroxychloroquine wish you well I am learning.

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    Thank you for the helpful replies.I took my first oral dose of methotrexate, but only took 7.5 mg not 10mg as prescribed, on Monday evening and I had terrible side effects from it yesterday with upper back and upper abdominal pain,headaches,dizziness and light headedness and really bad stomach pains today.I spoke to the gp yesterday and he's going to give me the number of the nurse specialist as my rheumatologist didn't give me a contact no. which he should have done! My gp told me that you can get inflammation all over with RA and Sjogrens can effect your stomach.Worried now that the methotrexate has affected my stomach as I've had upper right abdo pain slightly to the right nearly all day today.