Capsaicin cream

I’ve been told that capsaicin cream can be very effective for pain however, I understand there’s a shortage and I can’t find anywhere it might be available. Does anyone have a source, please?

Also, if anyone has experience of using this cream I’d be most interested to hear whether it helps.

Many thanks for any help and advice


  • Ellen
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    Hi @JanT welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    I see you are interested in trying capsaicin cream, a prescription only treatment. There has indeed been quite a bit of discussion about shortages and it's efficacy here.

    This is a search I did on the subject:

    I'm pretty sure one member even went as far as making their own.

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  • Hello

    i have just received this regarding Capsaicin cream…not good news

    Thank you for contacting Teva UK regarding the availability of Zacin® (Capsaicin cream 0.025% w/w) and Axsain® (Capsaicin cream 0.075% w/w).

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to continue to supply this medicine in the UK. This is because the company that manufactures the product has gone into administration. We are hoping to be able to re-launch the medicine ourselves, but this could take up to two years because of legal paperwork and various regulatory processes.

    I appreciate that this is not the news you wanted to hear. In order to continue to be able to manage your symptoms, I recommend speaking to your prescriber who will be able to work with you to decide another suitable medicine for you.

  • JanT
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    Thank you, Ellen and FizzandBubbles. That’s disappointing but maybe there’s some other magic potion out there.

  • jonr
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    Hi @JanT - there is nothing else which works in the same way as Capsaicin Cream that I'm aware of (by interrupting the pain receptors in the brain), but I've been buying it from some UK sellers on eBay. It's not prescription strength but it is providing some relief for me.

    Other gels and creams possibly worth checking out are 5KIND Hemp Gel (numbs the area it's applied to), Red Tiger Balm (good for aches and pains), Voltorol high strength gel or equivalent - similar pain relief to RTB but less messy without the pong and FlexiSeq (to reduce crunching, grinding and stiffness).

    Hope this may help