Tens neck massager

Has anyone tried this and does they work, anyone got one they dont use that I can try please


  • frogmorton
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    I was using mine all day on and off yesterday @iminpain

    It does something I can't explain and is one of the many things I use to help when I am in trouble.

    The first one I had I was loaned by the physio but that was a long time ago so I ahve no idea whether they still do that nowadays. Probably not.


  • Loggiemod
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    Hi @iminpain TENS machines have come down a lot in price. We bought one a few years back from our local pharmacy for a tenner - though now I think they range from £15 upwards. Well worth it to bring some relief from pain.

  • ChelleFox
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    I use my TENS machine every day - it's a life saver for me. I'm not sure that it helps with joint pain, but my stiffness and muscle pain love it.

  • Trish9556
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    I have one with with two different levels of massaging and it also has a heat option. I've had it for years and it's brilliant.

    My husband bought it from an online selling site and it's so old the markings have worn off but I've attached a photo

    It's charged via a usb cable, on off button on the side and a remote control.

    Don't use it that much since my C6/7 foraminitomy in March but still frequently when I get a stiff neck. Especially in cold weather.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx