Heated Gloves for my Hips?

I just need to preface this by saying that I do NOT have arthritis in my hands, but heat helps my OA hips.

ANYWAY - I got heated ski gloves a few days ago for driving to work. I have Raynaud's, and was hoping it would help. And it does! Incredibly! I like look an idiot in my car with my giant glowing Hulk gloves, but what a relief. I'd tried so many things, and I finally found something that works.

I read about heated gloves on this forum, referencing arthritis, and thought "what an amazing idea!" So thank you :)

Now here's the real question - is there something similar that I can wrap around my hips? A butt glove, so to speak, lol? My electric heating pad is only good when I lay down, and I'd love something a little more mobile.


  • Rina
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    A butt glove sounds like a great idea @ChelleFox ! 😆

    My neighbour uses a heated seat cover in his car - it plugs into the cigarette lighter. It doesn’t wrap round your hips but it will keep your back and seat warm. I don’t know which type he’s got but if you search for ‘heated car seat pad’ on google, you’ll find loads.

    Rina 😊

  • frogmorton
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    You can get heat patches that stick on @ChelleFox

    Any supermarket sells them they are in the medicines part of the shop they come in orange boxes in packs of 3 or 4.

    I have used them many times over the years for my back pain because they are 'portable' so to speak.

    Take care

    Toni x

  • PeterJ
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    Hi @ChelleFox have a search for heated motorcycle clothing on the internet - you can get heated leggings and shirts as well as gloves.

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  • ChelleFox
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    Thanks Toni @frogmorton and @PeterJ ! I will look those up. I have a heated hoodie already just because I'm always cold, but I didn't realize leggings were a thing! Or heat patches...that would be ideal.

    @Rina - my car has heated seats, and I have been using them daily all year 'round since the pain started. That and the lumbar support really help me from stiffening up too much when I drive. I'm shopping for a new vehicle, and heated seats and easier (i.e. taller) access are both must-haves!