Psoriatic Arthritis

Hi all, had my MRI scan the Rheumatologist requested for Psoriatic arthritis, awaiting the results of that. But, went to see the podiatrist today and, he referred me to an MSK Podiatrist ? He thinks it’s looking pretty much like Psoriatic. I’ve got a of inflammation in my feet and ankles , that the Rheumatologist will need to address, muscle injections and new medication. But, my right ankle and foot are starting to point outwards as the tendon in my leg has been stretched and it’s not doing what it should be. So it’s possibly looking like a total ankle reconstruction in the future. He also asked about my skin which is always dry and itchy and, the thing I forgot till later, he asked if I’d ever had clots in my legs. Anyone heard of that.


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    Hi @Iain2

    I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) in 2020 at the age of 65 having had psoriasis (PsO) from the age of 15 - apparently about a third of PsO sufferers then go on to develop PsA. I was then diagnosed with enthesitis where the tendons and ligaments swell at the point they attach to the bones - particularly in my arms and wrist. Apparently about a third of PsA sufferers also go onto get enthesitis. Since early on I've had a problem with my right foot and ankle which feels permanently like I've sprained it and intermittently I can't scrunch or point my toes. I was referred to a rheumatology physio and a rheumatology podiatrist who diagnosed metatarsalgia and bursitis in my feet.

    I was given a number of steroid injections which helped until they found a course of treatment that stabilised me.

    I've never been asked about blood clots though - and I've never suffered from them to my knowledge.

    I hope you get the right treatment soon.

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    Hi @jamieA thank you for your answer, I also been diagnosed with enthesitis in my ankles and feet especially the right one. Hopefully get the right treatment soon.