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new here and wondering if anyone can help. I have recently been turned down for Adult disablity payment (Scotland) as I dont think I captured my mobility issues properly on my original form. I am looking to appeal the decision and wondered if anyone has any advice.

My arthritis affects my right hip to a point where I can no longer drive as I cannot move my foot quickly/safely enough from the accelerator to the brake pedal without causing severe pain. Therefore I need my husband to drive me everywhere to allow me to leave the House.

There doesn't appear to be anywhere obvious to capture this in the form as the mobility question is around distance I can walk and the planning / following journey seems to be looking for evidence of how you follow a journey.

My GP has written a letter advising that I should work from home and avoid travel because of my pain and mobility issues so I feel that I have clearly not evidenced my issues having scored 0 for both of the mobility questions.

Any thoughts on where the most appropriate place to add evidence would be?

thanks in advance!



  • PeterJ
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    Hello @elles77 and welcome to the Community.

    It might be worth having a look at the links in the following and possibly talking to the Citizens Advice

    I hope your appeal works.

    Best wishes


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  • elles77
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    Thanks Peter

    lesson learnt and wish I’d gone to CAB in the first place as they have now recommended I start the process from scratch as my situation has changed significantly from first application.

    CAB were so helpful though and will help me through the whole process now so cannot recommend highly enough.