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My names Claire I am 50 I have had psoratic arthritis and psoriasis for last 20 years o take methotrexate and cosentyx I tried the herbal way but it was horrendous. So hi everyone feel on my own with this disease so was so happy to this . Does anybody take vitamins with their methotrexate as I feel I need them but when I go I to a health store as soon as I mention what I am on they say talk to your consultant when I talk to my consultant he says speak to a pharmacist in my menopause as well .... just shoot me now xx


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    Hi @c1_  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    I can see your dilemma which must be frustrating for you. 

    I’ve had a quick look at our website and the following link may be useful: 

    I’m sure there will be forum members who can provided more input than I am able. 

    Best Wishes

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    Hi @c1_

    If you go to the small magnifier symbol on the tool bar top right, click on menopause and /or PsA and / or supplements you can find members discussions and advice sharing on loads of subjects which I hope you will find helpful. There are also information sheets on the VA website . Do get back to us when you have had a chance to explore, ask more questions and join in with conversations.

    Best wishes

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